Artist in Focus: John Diehl

We recently hosted an art and wine event organized with Circo Vino in New York City and it was a success! The event featured more than 100 wines for tasting along with a specially commissioned series by UGallery artist John Diehl. He carefully considered each winery and created works that reflected their essence. 

The artist’s landscape paintings don’t function as traditional outdoor scenes — the kind that strive to capture the outdoors detail by detail — but instead use colors to evoke emotions. He works in soft details, as in his “Blurscapes” series and also creates abstract knife paintings. 

This special series showcases his distinct style and knack for utilizing color. Peruse some of the works in the series below and see the full collection here.

Clearing 475, 2013

Clearing 470, 2013

Clearing 463, 2013