Artist in Focus: Haydee Torres

Haydee Torres’ paintings will never go out of style. Each portrait is the pairing of fashion and Fauvism. Bright and bold colors blaze on the faces of her model-like ladies. They look at the viewer with a soulful and seductive stare. When she is not gathering inspiration on her Pinterest board or painting portraits, Haydee delves into the emotional realm of abstract paintings. Her abstracts are as powerful as her people. With paint, Haydee stitches her sexy and sophisticated art couture creations.

1. What is your earliest art memory?

My earliest art memory has to be when I was around 11 or 12 years old. I would spend hours in my room after school painting my face with different colors and patterns. But the first piece I remember completing was a mural I painted on my bedroom wall during high school. I had no formal instruction at that point but I felt compelled to paint a group of images from a magazine which, as I recall, were a Chinese symbol, a snake, and a random Disney character. How did those images fit together? Beats me.

2. How do you begin a painting?

Before I begin a painting I like to quietly organize my studio and supplies for a bit and then I as I begin to paint, I usually like to play some Classical music or something cinematic like Godspeed Your Black Emperor.

3. What is your favorite piece on your UGallery portfolio?

Though it’s always hard to pick a favorite I would have to say that “Dawn” is my favorite piece because it emerged spontaneously as I was working on another piece and it came together pretty quickly as well.

4. Who and what inspires you?

My inspiration comes from all corners of my life. I find a lot of inspiration in music and rarely work without it on in my studio. Sometimes a film or a conversation will give me an idea and sometimes a work is inspired by more intentional or structured explorations of formal elements like balance or color. Harmony and expression are definitely the two elements that I pay most attention to when planning a piece.

5. What do you want people to know about your art?

Like every artist, my work is as informed by those techniques that I have learned as it is by those that I have yet to master. When looking at a piece you are seeing not only what the artist has learned about their medium but also what they have yet to discover. I love work that is informed as much by an attention to formal elements as it is by the artist’s own narrative of experimentation, growth, and evolution. I hope that this love of the process itself is reflected in my own work because, for me, art is all about evolution and change.

6. I see on your Pinterest that you like fashion. For fun, what’s your favorite fashion accessory?

Shoes! I love shoes! I used to collect them in every shape, style, and color but now I live in South Florida so I mainly stick to sandals.