Artist in Focus: Gregg Otteson

Gregg Otteson, Impression

Presenting a photograph oftentimes requires more than setting up a camera and clicking a button.

Our artists know this well, oftentimes working on a single image for hours on end until they get the perfect photograph. This week, we caught up with Gregg Otteson and asked about his process and artistic passion.


Gregg captures beautiful outdoor photos that portray the beauty of the outdoors, especially trees. He has a knack for capturing striking reflections and shadows. Many of his photos use vivid, saturated colors.

He shares:

My interest in photography integrates with love for the arts in general. Being energized through painting, crafting, writing or taking pictures helps express notions about life. My earliest memories of the brilliant colored images from Life and Look magazines really stirred my eye. Later sharp contrasting black and whites drew me in. The painter Morris Louis influenced the uses of color, shape and non-representational use of form and space with a camera. Over the years the camera has become a tool to gather images, editing is where the picture gets realized. The process excites me and remains something I do a part of each day.

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