Artist in Focus: Glenn Losack

Artist Glenn Losack is not only a photographer, he also holds the titles of composer, physician and author. 

Glenn wrote a children’s book called “Bearly Fit” which tells the story of a bear in order to encourage children to exercise. His work on UGallery showcases his travel; he has photographed India for 20 years and considers it a second home. 

The New York-based photographer actually sold his piece “YOKO” to Yoko Ono, who even sent him a handwritten thank you letter. 

We asked the artist a few questions about his work and focus. Keep reading for a chance to win one of his pieces! 

What is your earliest art/photography memory?

Watching the first black and white photograph appear in the developer tray.

What is your favorite piece in your UGallery portfolio?

Too many to mention. All of them. 


YOKO, 2001

What/where would you say is your greatest source of inspiration?

The third world, inner pain and anguish, early black and white photojournalists like Nachtwey, the Turnley brothers, Cartier-Bresson and India. 

What is the best piece of advice that was given to you in terms of photography?

Get up real close to your subject, never accept NO!


The Violinist, 2006

What is your most important photography tool (whether it be physical or mental)?

The tools a great photo shooter must have are a steady hand, a great imaginative eye, past experiences in life and a lot of courage — never shying away from any subject in any circumstance. 

What does traveling mean to you? Or more specifically, how has traveling impacted your view of the artistic world?

Travel has been my life. Without it there is no life.


Floral, 2012

We’re giving away one of Glenn’s photographs! Visit our Pinterest photography board this Saturday, March 8 at 1 p.m. PST for more details. Good luck!