Artist in Focus: Eric Holtam

A common street sign or everyday dandelion might not seem like the most interesting subjects but through the lens of photographer Eric Holtam they take on a new quality. 

The Missouri-based photographer loves capturing boring objects from a unique angle. He keeps an open mind when it comes to his work and hopes to find something extraordinary in the ordinary. 

Fun fact: when he’s not painting, Eric work as a Mac specialist. Keep reading to find out more about the artist and a special giveaway! 


Danger, Yeah!!, 2004

What is your earliest art/photography memory?

Art is in the eye of the beholder. When I was very young I would take a cup of water and a one-inch paintbrush and “paint” my tree house top to bottom. It was the most beautiful tree house on the block. 

What is your favorite piece in your UGallery portfolio?

I love “Danger, Yeah!” for a couple of reasons. For one, it was shot with B&W film for a photography class I was taking in Manhattan.  Black and white film was my first love. Two, because of the juxtaposition of the message; the reckless abandon it suggests.

What/where would you say is your greatest source of inspiration?

The obscure. I try not to take the picture everyone else has on their camera. 

What is the best piece of advice that was given to you in terms of photography?

Have confidence in your eye. You know what you like. Someone else will, too.


9 Holes, 2010

Are there any other photographers/artists that inspire you or that you try to emulate?

I don’t think I emulate anyone. I really enjoy Dave McKean’s art.

What is your most important photography tool (be it physical or mental)?

Angles. Taking 10 photographs from 10 different angles can result in 10 different emotions.

What is it exactly that you want to say with your photographs?

Make the ordinary extraordinary.

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