Artful Recipes

What do artists do when they aren’t painting? The same things we do! In honor of the summer, relaxing pastimes (like cooking), and our kitchen art collection, we’ve gathered our favorite recipes that make summer so sweet. In case you aren’t subscribed to our emails, here’s Alex’s favorite cookie recipe that we are sending to our subscribers:

If you’d rather try something a little lighter, here is a recipe from Jessica JH Roller for habanero pepper chutney. According to Jessica, all you need is, “Habanero pepper, poblano pepper, red pepper, lime juice, red onion sautéed in olive oil, white wine vinegar and a teaspoon of cane sugar all chopped up in a processor and served with sharp cheddar and hoppy beer.” Um, yum. Here is a photo of her making the chutney with her daughter, Wren.

She even told us the secret to her colorful paintings: inspiration from chili peppers! This sugar cube above was inspired by her chutney. That’s awesome.

Not a pepper fan? If you need a side for your favorite summer recipes, Anne Schwartz swoops in with a super light and easy fennel salad recipe. Check it out:

Fennel Salad
2 or 3 fennel bulbs halved and thinly sliced. Plus 1 T. Fronds
4 stalks celery diced
3T lemon juice                  
3T extra virgin olive oil
Kosher salt and pepper
I pint cherry  tomatoes. Fresh from the garden if possible.

Combine above and toss

And last but certainly not least, Cristina Sciarra, UGallery’s resident food photographer and blogger has got the goods. Check out her blog, The Roaming Kitchen, for beautiful recipes, and of course, artful photography. Below is a photograph we have on UGallery. It’s her Banana Blueberry Tea-Time Cake. You can get the recipe here.

If you try one of these recipes out, send photos to social@ugallery. We’d love to see what you come up with.