Art that stirs excitement - The Blue Locket Collection

Art that is both beautiful AND exciting? Sign us up!! 


Our next guest curator is Nadya Sagner, an art consultant and founder of Blue Locket Art Consulting that specializes in finding affordable and beautiful art that you love. She believes that “art should make you feel happy when you look at it,” and we definitely agree!

For those of you who are not familiar with a service like art consulting, it is essentially hiring the help of someone who is knowledgeable about design and art to personally choose art for a specific space in your home. Perfect for those of us who are design-challenged or simply don’t have the time. Check out Nadya’s process here!

We were ecstatic when we saw the collection that she came up with, and we spoke with Nadya about a few of her favorite picks:


‘A Cuppa Joe - With Sugar’ by Justin Wheeler

Nadya: “My four favorite pieces are each glimpses of a moment:”

Moment 1: "Sugar sprinkles into someone’s morning coffee in Justin Wheeler’s 'A Cuppa Joe.’“


'Firework 1’ by Mark Elverson

Moment 2: Mark Elverson’s 'Firework 1’ bursts perfectly against a white sky. (How does he get that white background? The mystery is part of the appeal.)“


'Rio’ by Gregor Hochmuth

Moment 3: ”In Gregor Hochmuth’s “Rio,” a blue Beetle drives past a yellow wall.“


'Large Blue Crab’ by Laura Bomar

Moment 4: "Laura Bomar captures cobalt claws just entering the frame.”

Nadya: “These all share cool colors (blue, mint green) and clean, straightforward compositions. The simplicity is both soothing and intriguing.”


Thanks for your picks Nadya!

Check out the rest of her collection here and on Pinterest.