Art One on One: The Whimsical Adventures of Huckleberry


David Arnoux, Huckleberry in Dailyland, #3

Our photography board is one of the most popular sections on our Pinterest page so this week we decided to focus on a photograph that makes us giggle.

UGallery artist David Arnoux creates clever and silly photographs that feature a seemingly microscopic man exploring the world (which looks huge compared to his small size!)

In the series, the character wears different outfits but always manages to put himself in precarious but hilarious situations. Take for instance the image above, in which he bravely takes on a mound of chicken nuggets.

We love the clever title of this piece because each photograph in the series seems to depict the tiny character tackling on some daily aspect of life. The things we take for granted become obstacles or fun activities for the fictional character named Huckleberry. David explains more about the naming of the series:

The title refers to The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, youth and freedom. It also relates to Alice in Wonderland whereas the series draws on ordinary, modern elements that can become worlds of wonder. This on-going series is created in collaboration with Denis Duvauchelle.

We love the series’ sense of humor! Check out more of David’s work here and peruse the rest of our photography pieces.