Art One-on-One: St. Patrick's Day is almost here!

The Long Hall, 2014

With so much new art coming in each week – and an already large collection — UGallery has plenty to explore. But it’s also rewarding to slow down and focus on a specific piece. 

We’re spending one-on-one time with UGallery works to explore their backstory and what makes them aesthetically unique. 

This week, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day coming up, we highlight a piece by Jonelle Summerfield called “The Long Hall." She describes the work: 

An oil painting of the Long Hall Pub in Dublin, Ireland. Locals sit at the bar and near the sunny window discussing life over some pints. 

There’s something mysterious yet homey about the dim lighting of the pub and the frames on the wall. It seems like the viewer just walked right into the room and perhaps the girl in the red sweater has noticed.

We love the overall warmth of the room, especially the deep reds in the ceiling and floor. There’s also a special feeling that we could take a seat near these locals and have a pint with them. Notice how the light shines through the window and onto the frames and the people nearest the viewer, illuminating their faces.

Check out more art by Jonelle here and tell us what you think about the work in the comments. What are your plans for St. Patrick’s Day?