Art One-on-One: Saying Hello to Spring


Roxanne Steed, First Blush – Rhododendrons in Sunlight, 2012

Our recent new art and the uncharacteristically warm weather near our San Francisco office got us thinking about Spring! 

One of the best parts of the season are the colors — bright sunshine, blooming flowers, gorgeous butterflies and more. We can almost hear the birds chirping.

We decided to spend time on a painting that reminds us of the season’s beauty. For this Art One on One, we focused on a piece by Roxanne Steed. The oil painting on masonite board captures the gorgeous color of flowers in a vase.  

Roxanne explains: 

I crave brilliant light on flowers. I painted this piece en plein air in my garden. The sunlight through the cobalt blue glass casts wonderful shadows on the white linen tablecloth. 

Many of our artists paint en plein air — which means outside in nature — and it really shows in their rendition of light and color. The painterly texture reminds us of an Impressionist painting. Even focusing just on the vase reveals a lot of activity, like the mixture of different shades of blue and purple. We can’t see much background so it feels like an intimate, up-close encounter with these pretty flower.

It’s great to slow down and focus on details like flower petals, the color of a vase and the shadows on a tablecloth. We love that artists can help us look at common objects in a different way.

What do you think of the piece? Share your thoughts on this piece in the comments!