Art One-on-One: Playing with Perception


Alex Ember, amsterdam 2012 | formentera 2012

Browsing art online is similar to seeing pieces in a gallery or museum: you want to see the whole group of works but you should take your time with each piece! Spending more time with one piece can reveal little details you might not see on a quick glance or even your first look. 

For this week’s Art One-on-One we decided to focus on a photograph by Alex Ember. We love the way amsterdam 2012 | formentera 2012 disorients the viewer at first. What does the photo depict? Is this outside or inside? 

In fact, Alex wants to purposefully keep us guessing by juxtaposing two images to create something new.

He explains the process behind the piece:

This photograph is a “remix” (mix) of an upside down drip mural in the Netherlands and a beach hotel towel closet in Spain. I created the work by layering 35mm film slides. 

We love the way you can see individual paint drips in the piece. The juxtaposition of the colorful paint with the closet gives the piece a three-dimensional quality. The photograph plays with the perception of objects but also time and place; the photo depicts two different time periods and places in one.

You can see more of Alex’s work here. Tell us what you think about this piece in the comments!