Art One-on-One: Everyday Beauty

Noelle Visconti, All in a Row

This week, we celebrated the beauty in the everyday with our Everyday Masterpiece campaign.

Many UGallery artists capture amazing scenes from an otherwise average day. For this Art One-on-One, I chose a colorful photograph by Noelle Visconti. 

Noelle explains the story behind the piece: 

A group of houses I came across while walking the streets of Burano. Such a lovely combination of color and texture. This piece won first place in the 2012 SEEN exhibit at the St. Louis Photography Competition for Architecture.

The photo puts the viewer right in front of the houses, a great example of how photography can put you in two places at one time! The windows give some interesting repetition to the photo’s composition; each door also seems to hint at the personality of the people in the house.

Check out more of Noelle’s work here. Share your photos of beautiful and inspiring things with #everydaymasterpiece and #ugallery!