Art for a Cause: Introducing Works from Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco!

We’re honored to partner with Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco on a special project. Starting today, artwork created through the non-profit’s Citywide Art Program is available for sale on!

Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to inspire and enable all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

Part of the community since 1891, Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco (BGCSF) currently serve more than 1,400 youth (ages six-18) per day. They offer safe places where young people can learn, grow, and succeed.

BGCSF has been nationally recognized for its fine arts programs. Through daily art classes, members have the chance to learn techniques, increase skill, and develop discipline in the arts.

UGallery and BGCSF have partnered to create a platform where young artists in the program can showcase and sell their work. Proceeds from the sale of BGCSF artwork on UGallery will help fund the Citywide Art Program at BGCSF and instill confidence in the artists.

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Artist Spotlights

Glory Rubio

Self Portrait IV

Charcoal Drawing on Paper

11” x 9”


This drawing was created by Glory Rubio from Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco. Glory is very creative with color and how it can be used to represent an image. She has been in a number of local, city and national contests, and won the BGCSF Departmental Youth of the Year Award. Glory also won the BGC national contest in watercolors, monochromatic drawing, and acrylic painting. She is a weekly participant in the BGCSF Crayons to Collage program, through which she received a scholarship to the San Francisco Art Institute.

Maurice Williams


Acrylic Painting on Paper

15” x 15”


This piece was created by Maurice Williams from Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco. Maurice started in the Citywide Arts Program with elementary line drawings. Over time, he grew confidence in his artistic abilities, always looking for new challenges in mediums. He experimented with multicolor illustrations and charcoal before landing on pastels and airbrush techniques, his current styles of choice.

Josh Gilbert


Chalk Drawing on Paper

11.5” x 9”


This piece was created by Josh Gilbert from Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco. Josh uses art as a positive escape from the hardship of inner-city childhood. Through his work, he explores both monochromatic images and the interaction of surface textures and motion.