How To Throw An Artful Party

The holiday season means many things: earlier sundown, delicious, buttery foods, and, most importantly, a filled-to-the-brim social calendar. If you are planning on hosting a party at your home, here are some ways original art can elevate your party and alleviate the stresses of hosting:

Use art as an ice breaker.
If your guest list is on the more eclectic side, bridging the gap between different social circles can be one of the most challenging feats of hosting. Art can help. For even the most polar-opposite partygoers, artwork is instant common ground. Admiring artwork is an enriching group activity. Introduce some friends and say, “everyone sees something different in this piece, what do you see?” A conversation is instantly started.  

Share your own story.
Everyone loves an art story; they are intellectual, sophisticated, sometimes even humorous. Share the story of how you acquired the piece, an interesting fact about the artist, or your favorite detail.  

Offer an art tour.
Since every piece has a story, art can be the theme of your house tour. It is a nice way to show your guests your home while also sharing interesting anecdotes. The tour becomes more about stories, than about rooms.

Create an instant photo booth.
Photo booths are all the rage at parties. If your party is photo-op-friendly, your artwork is a beautiful and well-lit background that requires no additional preparation. When the party starts encourage guests to take their photos in front of your artwork. You can even set out related props for extra fun.

Prepare food inspired by your art.
Base your party’s menu on the style of your art. For example, if you have a still life, you could serve artfully arranged crudités on cloth, or if it is a cubist piece you could serve cheese that is cut into cubes. This attention to the small details gives your party a personal touch.  

Decorate with your art.
Artwork dresses up any room and can be the centerpiece of the party. Use the color palette of your art as the theme for your decorations and flowers. This ties the room together in a subtle and sophisticated way.

Steer conversations with art.
If you sense the conversation at your party going in a potentially-volatile direction, art can keep your topics copacetic. An artful interruption, can be the perfect way to shift the discussion.