An Original Gift Idea for Mother's Day


Carey Parks-Schwartz, Mother and Child

Every year, we celebrate the women that put up with our tantrums, watched us grow up and continue to celebrate our accomplishments. 

But what kind of gift could possibly express our love for moms? Jewelry and flowers are cute but this year consider getting your mom something unique that matches her personality.

Original art makes a great gift because each time your mom sees the piece, she can think of you. We put together a special Mother’s Day collection for the special mom in your life. 

We chose pieces that remind us of childhood photos and distant memories. Other pieces showcase the beauty of nature so that if you do want to buy your mom flowers, you can get her some that will never wilt. We also included some fun and colorful pieces that will add a splash of color to any wall.

Peruse a few pieces below and see the full Mother’s Day collection here.


Talia Rainyk, Self Portrait with Daughter


Sandra Iafrate, Spring Mix I 

Ina Shtukar, Ballerinas


Savina Gost, Waiting 

Paolo Ferraris, Merry Cherry


Elizabeth Conley, Cosmopolitan 

Helene English, Three Poodles