An Artful Idea (Box) by Christopher Patrick Interiors

Do you guys remember Kaitlyn and Christopher from UGallery’s guest curator series in July? They are back and they are in full form! As part of their release of the “Idea Box,” a easy way to attain stunning interiors for your home, they have selected one UGallery piece of art to use as an example of what they will give you! Read on for interior inspiration (and the chance to win your very own idea box).

Hi there! We’re Kaitlyn and Christopher, owners of Christopher Patrick Interiors in Washington, DC and the voices behind Blue Rooms-White Houses. We’re beyond excited to be here today. UGallery has quickly become one of our favorite resources for art. We love the varied selection and the way UGallery champions emerging artists at all price points. Nothing is more exciting than seeing UGallery succeed in a world often consumed with generic prints and the same ‘ole gallery walls. But above all, what we appreciate most about UGallery is the way in which it bridges the gap between those of us who live in art-rich cities and those who don’t. Through the powers of the Internet, UGallery has made art accessible to all, and it’s that very concept that inspired our new design service, Idea Box. Idea Box is an innovative flat-fee design service for clients who want our designs “to go.” No matter a client’s location, we can design a space virtually, preparing do-it-yourself solutions, all of which are fully implemented on a client’s own time. It’s a collaborative process made possible by online communication and helps to ensure that no one has to miss out on good design.

Due to the collaborative nature of the Idea Box service, we often work with clients who want to incorporate existing pieces into their design. You’d be surprised how often those existing pieces are from a beloved art collection. Just because you’re reinvigorating your space, doesn’t mean your art has to go. And contrary to what seems like popular belief, art doesn’t have to match your space. Blue & white artwork doesn’t have to mean a blue couch, white walls and white accents. Art is personal and by working with, not against, your existing pieces, you can ensure a final design that works.

We wanted to show all you beautiful readers how it would work. Say you have a favorite UGallery piece that’s a must in your new space, here’s a taste of what you can expect from the Idea Box.

Our recent new favorite UGallery piece is Andrew WattsFigures in the Landscape II, which is appealing for its “look closer” vibe and overall color scheme, not to mention the technique in which the piece was produced. Once it was apparent that Figures in the Landscape was a must for our new dream living room, a design began to take shape.

We wanted to maintain the contemporary aesthetic of the artwork and play off its color scheme while also mixing in classic and traditional elements such as a rolled arm sofa and English arm leather chair. We think the final result is a classic space built for modern life. It’s a living room plus personality, and we like to think it’s pulled together but not too matchy-matchy: a space that’s the ideal backdrop for a newly acquired or soon-to-be-purchased piece of coveted art. (We’ll take anything Andrew Watts, thank you very much!).

If you want to know where to find these products, email Kaitlyn and Christopher.

1. 2 Straight Arms Rotating Sconce | 2. Chandler Table | 3. Rectangular Form Table Lamp | 4. Nickel Accent Table | 5.  Eames Molded Plastic Rocker | 6. Moroccan Shag Rug | 7. Brushed Cotton Twill Drapery | 8.  Tailor Sofa | 9. Darlene Ottoman | 10.  London Leather Chair | 11. Wood & Metal Shelves | 12. Danish Rosewood Sideboard

Thank you UGallery for letting us share our passion for art and good design. Be sure to visit our site to learn more about the Idea Box service, and, as a special gift to launch this new service, we’re hosting an Idea Box giveaway over at Blue Rooms-White Houses. We hope you’ll check it out!

Kaitlyn and Christopher