Always Evolving: A Peek Inside Piero Manrique’s New Series


If you’re reading this, you’re probably already quite familiar with Piero Manrique.

Piero’s bright and dynamic color palettes have made him one of UGallery’s most collected artists.

Finding inspiration in change, evolution, and discovery, Piero is now taking a page out of his own book. The artist has released a new series of artwork he calls the Designer Series. We got the opportunity ask him what spurred the new direction. 

“My art is like nature, it never repeats, it keeps changing and evolving.” 

Tell us about your new direction. What inspired the change? 

Lately I’ve created a number of large scale murals in both public and hospitality settings, and this work has inspired the new direction I’m taking with my paintings. Working on floor-to-ceiling murals, I use rollers to apply paint over large areas. I started exploring the different effects I could create by rolling rather than brushing paint. I found with rollers I can create subtle changes in color tonalities in repetitive geometric shapes. In my new series of paintings, I started using this rolling technique to create very understated shifts in color and delicate textures. I’m always exploring new ways to deliver paint to the surface to create my art, such as the pouring techniques and textured brushstrokes that I’ve used in the past. This series is the latest step in that exploration. 

My mural commissions have also given me the opportunity to work directly with some great interior designers. In my new series, I started using similar color palettes that these designers are using in their projects. That’s why I call my new collection the Designer Series. They’re a great fit with current trends in interior design. 


Piero Manrique, Swimming Pool

What is your goal with the series? 

I’ve always been interested in transforming spaces with my art. In addition to creating something beautiful and innovative on canvas, my goal is to create art that enhances the dynamic of the space in which it’s displayed. Perhaps it’s because of my background as an architect that I always consider the effect my work has on the surrounding environment. So it’s very satisfying to me when my paintings are used effectively with other design elements. 


Piero Manrique, Sandbar

Where do you see yourself a year from now?  

Currently, I’m working with the production company of “Office Spaces,” a new addition to the popular “Designing Spaces” series on television. For this project, I’m creating a large painting on canvas for a conference room and expansive, contemporary murals for the company’s creative work area. My segments are scheduled to air the first week in December. I love taking on the challenge of new commissions and having the chance to work with innovative architectural and interior designers. These experiences continue to push me to explore new perspectives and methods for creating my art. 

I’m definitely looking forward to producing more work for public and commercial spaces. It’s very gratifying to have a large viewing audience for my work, and I enjoy the challenge of working on large scale projects. I also hope that my public artwork will inspire people to get in touch with their own creativity.


Piero Manrique, Lakeside

A few of Piero’s murals:


Gotham Hotel, New York


New Rochelle Train Station


J House Hotel (Greenwich, CT)


Affordable Art Fair, NYC 2015

Check out more of Piero’s work on Facebook, Instagram and UGallery