A Special Partnership with First Exposures

Photo by Gary McIntyre 

Many of our artists remember doodling with crayons at a young age or playing with a camera they got as a gift. For some of them, a passion for making art led to a full-time dedication to their medium. 

Most of our team works from San Francisco, a city known for its creativity. Yet not all budding artists receive the support and encouragement they need to pursue art.

First Exposures strives to change that by matching students with mentors who cultivate their love of photography. The San Francisco-based organization focuses on underserved youth from the ages of 11-18. The one-on-one attention that these young talents receive creates a lasting impact on their artistic development but also their personal growth. Since the founding of First Exposures in 1993, more than 90 percent of students have gone on to pursue higher education. 

We teamed up with First Exposures to showcase the work of these students. Beginning this week, photography created through the program will be available for sale in a special collection. All proceeds will go to the First Exposures mentee and the organization. The initial launch includes 30 photographs hand-selected by our curators. 

These young photographers are seriously talented. See for yourself:

Photo by Isabella Fogel 

Photo by Yongyi Feng

Photo by Alejandra Arroyo

Photo by Mariana Castro