A New Year’s Toast From Our Gallery Director

As we begin a new year, I wanted to take a moment to give a fond farewell to 2016 and a look at the exciting things to come in 2017.

In October, UGallery celebrated its 10 Year Anniversary, which is both an important milestone and an opportunity to reflect on where we have been as a company and where we are going.

This past year was one of growth and expansion for UGallery. From welcoming new team members and moving into a new office space, to bringing more variety to our roster of artists and inventory, we continued our journey to become the leading curated online gallery.


The scene at the 10-year-anniversary party on the rooftop of our new office space 

Growing into the Space

Since we launched in 2006, the mindset towards an online art gallery has changed considerably.

In the first few years of UGallery, the most commonly asked question was, “Will people really buy art online?” The past ten years have answered that question with a resounding “yes!”

2016 was particularly pivotal in understanding our place in the art marketplace. We had the opportunity to interact more closely with many of our customers and artists. Through pioneering the curated gallery space in ways that distinguish us from our competitors, we’ve reached a more full understanding of who we are as a company and our position in the larger art world.

One of the most exciting areas of growth is within our staff. With the new positions of Marketing Associate, Senior Art Consultant, and Artist Liaison, our team has grown significantly this year. In a short time, we’ve already begun to provide stronger content, marketing, and relationships with artists and collectors.


The UGallery team

International Expansion

In addition to internal growth, expansion has stood out as another theme in the past year.

We currently represent more international artists than ever. With top artists such as Jingshen You from China, Gustavo Minas from Brazil, Fernando Bosch from Spain, and creators from many other countries, we are grateful to provide opportunities for artists and collectors to make connections that would not have happened before.

We are also expanding to represent more established artists and offer a growing variety of art, such as more sculpture and large-scale works on the site.

Spirit 1 (40″ x 40″) by Jingshen You, oil painting

Looking Ahead

In 2017, expect noticeable improvements to the customer experience, such as filters, search results, and curated collections, making it more enjoyable to shop for art. We look forward to continuing to increase and strengthen our roster of artists and refine the look and experience of the website. Lastly, we are excited about building UGallery’s physical presence and increasing the ways you – our customers and artists – can interact with us. So plan on seeing more of us in person soon :). With that, I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Artfully Yours,

Alex Farkas, Gallery Director